Personal Disclaimer and Primer

Personally, I don’t think anyone is ever going to read these posts. I probably wouldn’t. The only reason I found this site is because it required me to sign-up in order to respond to some comments on a Percy Harvin article I read from the Yahoo Homepage. A little bit about me, what I will be writing about, and why.


I’m originally from Seattle (Bellevue) and I went to the University of Washington. I’m a fourth generation Husky (Two Great-Grandparent’s, all four Grandparents, and both Parents), so my blood runs purple and I am personally biased 24/7 for my Dawgs. I met my wife while we were both in law school, (She is a Husky too), and we moved to Phoenix after graduating to pursue our professions. I am a Financial Advisor, I was elected to the Community Council of the town we live in (It is an unincorporated Township so that would be the equivalent of City Council in a larger area) and I sit on the Board of Directors for a few non-profits here in Arizona. My wife recently gave birth to our first child, a daughter, so we are quickly learning the ropes as our lives change around us.


Therefore… I will almost assuredly post about sports, financial, and family related topics. Those are the most important things in my life, and I see no reason to pressume to preach about anything else that I am less educated or enthused about. If these topics interest you, and you enjoy subtle (and not so subtle) humor intertwined within ranting’s and raving’s, please feel free to read on and let me know why I am so incredibly naive or incorrect about these things.


Oh, I almost forgot… I can’t stand Oregon Ducks!